Hospitality Travel Network (HTN) is a certified travel agency that works with travel managers to locate hotel options, negotiate room rates, and contract solutions for corporate, medical, government, project and group travel. We seek to partner with hotels that want to gain access to exclusive travel leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Q. How do I add my hotel’s information to the HTN database?
A. Complete the hotel information sheet and we will reach out to you with specific opportunities to fill your hotel rooms.

Q. Is there a fee for utilizing HTN services?
A. There is no fee associated to have your hotel added to our database. Confirmed contracts with actualized bookings may be subject to HTN’s booking fee.

Q. What is HTN’s booking fee?
A. HTN may assess a commission for actualized bookings.

Q. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
A. Michelle Siese-Director of Travel Services

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